How to Help an Alcoholic

When someone close to you develops alcoholism, it can be very difficult to cope with. Find out how to get help.


Alcoholism is a term that we often grow up hearing, but the reality can look very different from the stories that we hear. Alcoholism impacts everyone differently, and it doesn’t always look the same. However, it still comes with risks for the individual, their health, their emotional and financial wellness, and the people around them. In this article, we will explore what steps to take when trying to help someone suffering from alcoholism.

Getting Help for an Alcoholic

It is important to understand that alcoholism is a form of addiction—and it is much more than just a habit. The best way to help someone to recover is by supporting them on their path to treatment and sobriety. Let’s break down a few of the common steps that you will want to take.

Have a Gentle Conversation

Before you can truly help someone who is being influenced by alcoholism, you must be able to bring it up. It is important to know that you should only broach the topic if you can have a loving and understanding conversation with the person.

If you feel that you are likely to get worked up, it might be better to let someone else handle the talk or to ask for additional support from loved ones. Talk to the individual about their habits and the repercussions of their actions in a way that is gentle and free of judgment. Ask them if they are willing to seek help.

Find a Treatment Program

Alcoholism is a disease, and it does require treatment. There are many different free and paid opportunities to seek treatment. A good treatment program can make all of the difference—and it is important to know that different treatment programs might be more effective for different types of individuals. Find one that your loved one is comfortable with.

Offer Love and Support

It is a journey to reclaim your life from alcoholism, which means that your loved one will need a great deal of support. Shower them in love, compassion, and support while they are on their road to recovery. Check-in with them often, and be sure to let them know how proud you are of their efforts.

Ask Them How You Can Help

When everyone is said and done, the best thing that you can do is ask them how you can support them. For some, it might be giving them some space. For others, it might mean spending more time together or offering distractions. Find what works for them, and offer support when you can.

The Takeaway

Reaching out and offering a helping hand can make all the difference for your loved ones. If you know someone that is suffering from alcoholism, contact one of the amazing Denver rehab programs to provide support and offer a clear path to better health. Sometimes, all it takes is that first step.