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Our 28-Day drug and alcohol Denver rehab program provides intensive inpatient treatment to adult men and women.

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Short-term treatment gives you the chance to learn new ways to manage your stress, anxiety, addiction and other needs.


From Individual Therapy, Holistic Treatments and 12 Step Therapy we use various approaches because we know that everyone is unique.

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Serenity, a short term recovery program at Stout Street Foundation in Colorado, is structured to accelerate an individual’s recovery from addiction during a four week period. The program lasts between 28 and 30 days, offering both social detoxification and intensive residential care. Prior to beginning the program, each client must complete a full initial evaluation to ensure each client's needs, goals, and objectives are met with an individualized treatment plan. During this evaluation, clients can expect the discussion and assessment of specific substances to which he or she is addicted, frequency and duration of drug use, family history, any previous treatment, mental and physical health concerns, and other factors. These details are critical to creating an effective short term treatment plan that lead to a successful recovery for each client..

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