Workforce Development

Workforce Development and Vocational Training

Stout Street Foundation’s vocational program is a critical piece in helping residents achieve long-term stability in recovery. During their recovery program, SSF residents work at least 40 hours a week, either at the Foundation or with our Workforce Development Partners. 

Unemployment is a formidable barrier to sobriety and stability – the majority of residents are unemployed upon entry to Stout Street. Residents take a job skills assessment and are placed on a track that builds upon their previous skills, experience, and interests. Residents work on-site or off-site jobs, creating an employment and skill pipeline that helps lead to gainful employment upon completion of the program. Residents meet with the workforce development program director monthly to assess progress, provide coaching, and incorporate therapeutic support as needed. 


Our workforce development program not only provides structure and helps our residents regain and learn skills, but helps businesses find reliable employees for their open positions.


Stout Street Foundation is a therapeutic community for individuals who suffered from addiction and are in recovery. We have established a highly structured environment that furnishes all of the physical, medical, educational, and occupational therapy needs in order for the satisfactory and fluid “re-socialization” of our residents. More importantly, residents are assigned a variety of jobs and responsibilities in an effort to develop residents’ ability to perform as productive and responsible future employees. This is possible through the cooperation of companies, such as yours, who use our residents to supplement their workforce.

  • We cover our own Workman’s Compensation claims, as well as liability, health, and dental insurance.
  • All of our workers can be paid with one check, which means no tax form filing.
  • We can beat any temporary or labor service fee.
  • We provide transportation to and from work sites.
  • We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • No overtime charges. Regular base pay for all hours over 40.
  • We provide sober men and women who:
    • Are highly motivated and ready to learn.
    • Have the ability to be on time every day
    • Are ready to work.
    • Have a positive attitude.


Workforce partner

Roberto came to Stout Street Foundation to rebuild his life. Today he is a proud father, advancing his career with a new outlook on his future.