Volunteer Opportunities

These are just a sampling of volunteer opportunities. Please contact Stotu Street at info@stoutstreet.org or call 303.321.2533 to discuss crafting the perfect volunteer experience for you, your family, or group.

Service Project 2

Service Projects

If your Scout Troop, faith group, fraternal organization, or other community group is interested in a service project, Stout Street Foundation has volunteer and supply drive opportunities. From landscaping to painting, building gardens, or hosting supply drives, we can work together to find a meaningful and fun project for your group.


Host a Supply Drive

Stout Street Foundation meets all the basic needs of our residents. A large component may be things you take for granted, such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and feminine hygiene products. Your group, workplace, or family can support SSF residents by hosting a supply drive at your convenience.

Art Volunteer

Share Your Skills

Do you have skills to share? From arts to fitness, life, and professional skills, SSF residents are always eager to learn. Some examples include Art Classes, Yoga and Fitness, Gardening, Resume Review, and Interview Practice, and Budgeting.