Can I Send My Loved One to a Drug Rehab in Colorado?


Drug or alcohol addictions are serious, life threatening, and can destroy families and livelihoods. Overcoming addiction and keeping a sober and healthy life is one of the hardest things anyone can strive to do and it can often not be done without the professional help of a rehab center. One of the many problems and challenges you will face, however, is getting your loved one to actually check into rehab.

Many people asked the question: can I check my loved one into a rehab center? The answer is not easy and has complex answers depending on your situation. Your relationship to your loved one matters, their physical health, their age, the severity of their addiction. Checking someone into rehab against their will is not a step taken lightly nor is it an easy or achievable one in most cases.

If Your Loved One is Your Child

It’s horrific as a parent to imagine that you may one day have to check your child into rehab but for many parents, it is their reality. If your child is under 18, you do have the right to check them into rehab involuntarily if you are their legal guardian, though that carries with it its own important processes. Once your child is 18 or over, the situation becomes a lot more complex. Some factors need to be met for your to involuntarily check your adult child or another adult family member into rehab:

  • You must be able to legally prove this person has an addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • There must be proof that this person is a danger to themselves or to others
  • You must prove that the severity of their addiction has made them incapable of providing basic needs for themselves (shelter, food, clothing, etc.) and there is not another legal adult willing to take on this responsibility

Can I Force Someone Into Rehab in Colorado?

As of today, there are 37 states in the country that permit someone being involuntarily checked into rehab based on the above criteria. It is considered along the same level as a court-ordered rehab. Colorado is one of these states that allows involuntary rehab for both substance abuse and alcohol. A person can be detained anywhere from 48 hours to 15 days before being given a hearing date to determine their status. If a person is deemed unable to care for themselves, they can be involuntarily committed to rehab for at least two weeks. Once they are deemed able to care for themselves and no longer a threat to themselves or others, they will be released to outpatient services. However, failure to comply with outpatient and rehab protocol could result in a repeat of the process.

In short, you can check your loved one into rehab against their will if certain criteria is met. You must act with the safety and care of your loved one in mind and be willing to do what’s necessary to keep them safe and get them healthy. If you are needing drug rehab in Colorado, please contact us today for an evaluation.