What Are the 5 Levels of Care for Substance Abuse?


Treating substance abuse and receiving help includes these 5 levels.

Substance abuse is a problem that impacts people of all ages all around the world. We know that it is difficult to manage substance abuse, which is why finding the right approach to care is so important for your healing journey. With substance abuse care, there are 5 prominent types of care available. Let’s look at these in more detail.

5 Levels of Substance Abuse Care

Your path to treatment will be completely your own. Some people require different levels of care to help them recover from substance abuse with the support that they need. Not everyone explores all 5 levels of care. In fact, some people end up only working through certain levels or steps along the way. The best way to find your path is with the help of a dedicated professional–but let’s explore what kinds of care are available.


The first step to rehabilitation is often intervention. For many people, this is a form of treatment that occurs when they are starting to show signs of substance abuse or when their loved ones or medical professionals believe they are at risk. This is a time for some of those more difficult talks and a commitment to getting help.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is a treatment approach that means that you will spend your time in your space, then visit a treatment facility to receive care. You will work with dedicated professionals and support systems on a schedule in order to receive the support and care you need. This might include therapy, forming new habits, or even medication.

Enhanced Outpatient Treatment

This approach to outpatient treatment offers a more intensive treatment approach while allowing you to maintain your regular schedule and living situation. You will connect on a deeper level with professionals and generally receive more intensive treatment to offer additional support.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is an approach to treatment that includes staying in a dedicated facility where you are surrounded by a professional support system. These programs often include medical and psychological assistance and a much larger focus on therapy and recovery. During this time, you will receive consistent care and support every hour of the day.

Detox Treatment

In some cases, detoxing might be necessary. Detoxing is a process that can come with risks during the withdrawal phase. With this approach, you will receive medical care that supports your journey. It is often paired with inpatient treatment for best results.

The Takeaway

Substance addiction happens, and it impacts more people than you might realize. To find your path to healing, it is very important to get the help and support you need–no matter what that looks like. If you are looking for affordable substance abuse treatment, contact us directly. We are here to help you on your healing journey.