Tiger Woods Headed to Rehab

Celebrities are often seen in a superhero-esque limelight, often expected to be perfect role models. They have so much fame and fortune that, to the average person, they may seem invincible or immune to normal human compulsions or diseases. This is why the media often portrays extreme shock when they act out, fall ill, or pass away. Many people forget or do not give the benefit of the doubt, that celebrities are just like any other human and are just as vulnerable. This week, Tiger Woods is a prime example of how the power of addiction can touch any person, regardless of economic status, race, nationality, or even fame.

From the outside, Tiger Woods seems like a phenomenon and prodigy. From a young age, he was very talented at golf, and by 20 years old he had gone pro. Tiger Woods remains one of the most successful golfers of all time, and currently, has more career major wins and PGA Tour wins than any other active golfer. He has been among the world’s highest-paid athletes for many years. Regardless of his fame, success, and fortune, Tiger Woods has struggled with an addiction just like any other addict or alcoholic.

Why Now?

Last week, Tiger Woods was arrested on a DUI charge. He was found asleep at the wheel in his Mercedes-Benz, apparently intoxicated. He failed a field sobriety test, which was later confirmed via police dashboard cameras. Reportedly, no alcohol was involved, but Woods was displaying clear signs of being under the influence.

Woods made a statement the same day, saying he had “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.” In 2014 and 2015, he had multiple back surgeries. This lead to prescribed medications to assist with pain, regardless of his known past problems with prescription painkillers. Woods stated he did not know the medications “had affected me so strongly.” He went on to say “I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Since his surgeries, Tiger has not been able to redeem his golf form. In 2015 he fell from the PGA top 100 for the first time since he went pro, and by May 2016 he dropped out of the world top 500. The golfer has mentioned the pain associated with surgery and has displayed gratitude for the support of his fans. He periodically mentions how the pain affects his life as well as his professional career.

old life new life

Following his DUI incident, he did not make any mention of addiction or attending a drug treatment program. Later that week, multiple news outlets reported that the celebrity would be attending an in-patient addiction treatment center near his home in Jupiter, FL. These sources indicate that the pro golfer agreed to attend treatment in order to retain joint custody of his two young children.

The athlete eventually admitted that he had been taking several prescription drugs regularly, including Vicodin and Xanax. Vicodin is likely associated with his back surgery, but it is unclear why he was taking Xanax. Xanax is usually prescribed to treat anxiety disorders and is highly addictive. Xanax withdrawal can be deadly and medical detox is required to prevent seizures. The pro golfer reportedly reserved the entire male unit at Jupiter Medical Center, where he will spend 28 days.

Woods currently has 20% custody of his two children, but a clause in his divorce agreement states he must avoid public scandals to retain shared custody.

Not-So-New For Tiger

This is not the first time Tiger Woods has attended addiction treatment. In 2009, he was involved in a scandal which stated he had affairs with multiple women. Several news outlets reported the claims and statements by the women themselves, which lead the celebrity to admit to infidelity. This took a toll on the golfer’s well-being and affected his game. He dropped out of the PGA top 50 in 2010.

This scandal resulted in the golfer’s divorce and he later checked into the Pine Grove Institute for sex addiction. Following his stay at Pine Grove, Tiger Woods then checked into another addiction treatment program, The Meadows in Arizona. The Meadows treated him for his Vicodin addiction. It is worth noting that the Vicodin addiction treatment was prior to his back surgeries.

Tiger Woods’ story shows the true power of addiction. Even with so much to lose, the pro athlete has been unable to control his prescription drug use. Even with the all of the money in the world, addiction cannot be easily treated or cured. The treatment centers that celebrities attend are often some of the most expensive and prestigious in the world. Even according to the Jupiter Medical Center’s website, the facility “offers clients a resort-style experience with a host of a-la-carte, upscale amenities, including spa services, gourmet meals and nutritional juicing.”

Regardless of cost and luxury, successful addiction treatment comes down to effective therapy and the full dedication of the patient to get well.  

Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism and Addiction

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