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Break Free from Addiction in Our Short-Term Drug Rehab

What is a Short-Term Rehab Program?

Unfortunately, millions of people worldwide are personally affected by drug addiction. Whether it is an addiction to heroin, prescription drugs, stimulants, cocaine, or street drugs like kratom or Spice, there are many different options for treatment.

For many, short-term rehab programs are extremely effective. Unlike a long-term treatment program where a residential stay could last anywhere from three to four months, our short-term drug rehab in Colorado typically only lasts for 14 to 28 days. This form of drug treatment is typically an ideal fit for those who have not experienced extreme travesties due to their drug abuse, those who are not fully addicted to drugs just yet, or those who are unable to participate in a long-term treatment program due to other obligations.

Even though individuals are not staying long-term when participating in this kind of drug treatment program, that does not minimize the impact that short-term drug treatment in Colorado can have. Many individuals have completed short-term rehab for drug addiction and have gone on to live full and happy lives in recovery.

What Typically Occurs at a Short-Term Drug Rehab in Colorado?

Depending on the needs of the individual, before entering short-term rehab, you will begin with a period of detoxification, or “detox” for short. At this time, professionals will supervise individuals as dangerous substances are cleared from their bodies. When this is deemed necessary, individuals are more likely to then transition to the residential program and stay upwards of 30 days to afford themselves time to properly detox.

Through short-term drug treatment, individuals will also participate in a breadth of different therapies designed to help them address the underlying and obvious issues related to their drug abuse or addiction. These therapies can include, however, are not limited to, individual and group therapy, as well as behavioral therapies such as cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). At this time, it can be determined if other mental health conditions exist and proper treatments can be provided through additional therapy.

Towards the end of an individual’s stay in our short-term drug rehab in Colorado, an aftercare plan will be developed by the clinical team that meets the continuing care needs of the individual. This might include recommendations to participate in Narcotics Anonymous (NA), seek weekly therapy sessions at home, etc.

Benefits of Going to a Colorado Short-Term Drug Rehab Facility

Just because someone is addicted to drugs does not mean that he or she requires lengthy, ongoing professional treatment within a residential setting. Many individuals who are struggling with drug addiction find success through a short-term rehab program, as this kind of care offers a number of benefits.

For example, entering into residential short-term drug rehab allows individuals to get away from the environment in which their use was occurring. This can help promote mental clarity, understanding, and progress in recovery without the temptation to use drugs.

In addition, individual therapy is the core aspect of care within a short-term treatment setting. With a strong focus on his or her treatment needs, an individual can accomplish a great deal within a short period of time.

Other benefits of our short-term drug rehab in Colorado also include developing connections to peers, establishing a network of support, and identifying relapse triggers and learning how to prevent them.

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