Our Promise To Our Community

Community LargeOur hearts sank after hearing of five overdose deaths in our own community of Commerce City. We believe harm reduction saves lives, buying time until someone has the motivation, or reaches the point in life where they are ready to accept help and willing to change.

We support harm reduction efforts by offering Narcan to all people leaving our program no matter when they leave the program or substance they use. We give Narcan to those moving on successfully or those leaving before completion. The majority of our staff even carry Narcan on them in their day-to-day lives. It is our belief as an organization that the more Narcan we give out the more potential there is for a life to be saved.

It is our promise to our community that we will continue to support harm reduction efforts by giving out Narcan in the hopes that maybe we can help save even one life. To us all lives are worth saving, we just sometimes need to buy some time to get there.

If you or a loved one are struggling please feel free to call our admissions lines at 800-866-722-7040 or 303-321-2533 for either program. Even if our programs are not right for you, we will give you resources and get you headed in the direction that suits your needs.

Please stay safe.