Need a New Sobriety App? Here’s 10 You Should Download

Recovery, and especially early recovery, can be very stressful and difficult at times. It can be hard to manage emotions, urges, impulsivity, and cravings. In a 12 step fellowship, it may seem impossible to remember all of the suggestions. At times, it may seem like you are the only sober person on the planet… Luckily I can say hallelujah for smartphones! There are almost endless sobriety apps out there to help people stay on their feet. Some of these apps may be simply for meditation, while others help sober people link up and meet. Some of these apps were not even specifically intended for sober people but can be extremely useful for those recovering from an addiction.

If you are like me, you may think “sobriety apps” sounds pretty cheesey. Fortunately, these apps are surprisingly useful. Some of them I personally use on a daily basis and have been monumental in my sobriety. If you want to keep your recovery fresh and need a little boost to your routine, here are some helpful things to check out on the app store:

  1. My Spiritual Toolkit

My spiritual toolkit is an app developed by AA members. It lets you take notes, track your sober time, read daily excerpts from the Big Book, read prayers, and most importantly helps you do your daily inventory. It can be hard to remember the 10th step inventory and all of the questions you have to ask yourself, and doing it out of the book is kinda boring. This app lets you check “yes” or “no” to each question and add notes if need be. It also saves all of your inventories so you can watch your progress.

  1. Today’s Step

This sobriety app provides the user with positive messages, quotes, and success stories from others in recovery. It even has audio meditation and simple yoga techniques to help curb cravings and stress. Users can share their story with others and earn rewards to track their progress.

  1. Sober Grid

This app is pretty cool. It’s a mix of facebook and tinder for people, minus the whole dating thing. It allows you to find other sober people in your area to just chat, link up, or share stories and support. It has a feature that lets the user put their profile in different colors to indicate if they are trying to find a ride to a meeting or are in desperate need of support. There is also a portal for treatment center alumni to stay in touch with each other or link up.

  1. 12 Steps AA Companion

This sobriety app has the complete big book along with reference guide and daily affirmations. It also has a counter so you can track the length of time you have been sober. It is a nice tool to have while going through the steps in Alcoholics Anonymous.

friends on their cell phones

  1. Insight Timer

This isn’t specifically a sobriety app, but it is great for people in recovery. It is a meditation app that has all sorts of meditation features, sounds, and guidance. It allows users to track how often and how long they meditate. It also shows who else is meditating in your area at the same time. You can send people messages and become friends with them too. The features help motivate you to keep up with your meditation routine.

  1. SoberTool

This sobriety app is cool because it helps you find AA meetings in your area and track how much you are saving by not drinking. Like others on the list, it also gives motivational messages and quotes.

  1. Quit That

This one is very simple. It lets you track how long it has been since quitting anything, from nail biting, to cigarettes, to crack cocaine. It also lets the user track how much money they are saving every day. Careful though, you may find it nauseating realizing how much money you were spending smoking crack every ten minutes.

  1. Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson

This sobriety app is specifically designed to help people conquer intense cravings. It offers users positive messages, meditation, hypnotherapy, and more. Reminders can be set or it can be used to relax and wind down at the end of a stressful day.

  1. AA Speakers To Go

Let’s be honest some AA speaker meetings can be god-awful. Some people are just not made out for public speaking. This app allows you to listen to some of the best speaker tapes ever recorded. It reminds you why you joined and stayed in the program. It also gives you things to remember when you might speak next!

  1. Surya Namaskar

This is another one that wasn’t intended to be a sobriety app but is pretty awesome. It is simply a yoga app. Yoga can help clear the mind, relieve stress, reduce depression, and curb cravings. Yoga is often suggested to people in recovery and practiced in many treatment centers. If you aren’t sure if yoga is for you try this app to get a taste.

Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism and Addiction

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