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What is Long-Term Alcohol Treatment in Colorado Like?

Alcohol, while socially acceptable throughout dozens of cultures worldwide, is often regarded as one of the most addictive and dangerous substances. When an individual abuses alcohol for a long period of time, he or she can become dependent on it. As a result, an addiction can form and professional help might be needed in order to stop drinking for good.

If you are addicted to alcohol, you may require in-depth, personalized treatment that can only be offered through long-term treatment. Long-term alcohol treatment in Colorado can not only help you stop the act of drinking itself, but also help you identify and address underlying causes for your drinking. Through therapeutic services such as group therapy, individual therapy, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and more, you can overcome deep-rooted, inner challenges in a manner that supports your successful recovery.

While participating in this residential program, you are likely to stay for upwards of 90-120 days. Even though the thought of this kind of long-term programming can be disconcerting, studies have proven that those with severe alcoholism or those who are addicted to alcohol but also have an additional mental health condition (e.g. depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, etc.) can benefit significantly from long-term alcohol treatment.

Benefits of Attending a Colorado Long-Term Alcohol Treatment Center

At the start of your treatment, you might experience a number of emotions that make you feel as though residing in an extended program is pointless. However, there are countless benefits to participating in long-term alcohol treatment in Colorado.

For starters, suddenly ceasing alcohol use once your body is dependent on it can be extremely dangerous, and even deadly. Participating in a residential, long-term program for alcoholism gives you the opportunity to safely detox under the supervision of trained and supportive professionals. When you are physically able to begin your treatment, you can do so knowing that you are in the best of hands. Additional and equally important benefits of long-term alcohol treatment in Colorado include the following:

  • Support – Alcoholism can be an isolating disease, where you can easily find yourself with few (if any) shoulders to lean on. Partaking in long-term residential rehab affords you the support you need from peers and professionals to find your way into recovery.
  • Accountability – Through a structured program designed to meet your unique treatment needs, you can begin holding yourself accountable for your behaviors. This is an extremely important benefit of long-term alcohol treatment in Colorado because holding yourself accountable (or allowing peers to do so, too) is critical to maintaining a sober lifestyle.
  • Safety – When alcoholism is present in your life, you are likely influenced by your environment in more ways than one. This can include associating with others who are drinking or hanging around areas where drinking is socially accepted. You might also find that when under the influence, your behaviors become erratic and dangerous. However, when you are in long-term treatment, you do not have to worry about any of that, as you are in a drug-free, supervised environment.

Additionally, long-term alcohol treatment in Colorado can help you develop healthy coping skills, identify relapse triggers, and connect with others in recovery so that you can build a strong foundation for recovery.

Am I an Alcoholic?

The best and most effective way to determine if your drinking behaviors are symptomatic of alcoholism is by receiving an assessment from a professional. However, there are some symptoms that serve as a common thread for alcoholism. These symptoms include the following:

  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms (such as shaking and anxiety) after decreasing or eliminating alcohol intake
  • Wanting to stop drinking but have trouble doing so
  • Participating in risky behavior (such as drunk driving)
  • Being secretive about drinking

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