How Long is the Stay at a Denver Treatment Center?


Seeking treatment for substance abuse and addiction can be incredibly frightening and nerve wracking. But, taking that first step towards treatment by seeking information and doing your research is one of the best first moves you can make for yourself. You have questions. We don’t have all the answers, but we can provide some information, some comfort, and the way forward on your path towards wellness and recovery.

Stout Street Rehab in Denver, Colorado was founded with the mission of providing premiere service and total support for our patients and their loved ones. Our goal is to create a framework of self sufficiency and support to help those suffering from substance abuse recover under their own power and be able to sustain recovery through changes in habits, lifestyle, and cognition around what is the underlying causes of substance abuse and addiction.

How Do I Know I Need Treatment?

Addiction has telltale signs, but it’s not a monolithic condition. You may find your personal habits changing in response to addiction, find yourself feeling guilt or shame, find yourself over anxiety or nervous. You may also start to engage in risky or uncharacteristic behavior. Obvious physical signs include withdrawal symptoms and being physically unable to not use a substance.

How Long Can I Expect to Stay For Long Term Treatment?

A long-term inpatient treatment is the most intensive option available to those suffering from serious substance abuse and addiction issues. Generally speaking, they will last anywhere from 6 months to a full year and are designed with the long game in mind. You won’t be back on your feet and into the world right away and it recognizes that recovery is a life long commitment that you make to yourself and your loved ones.

This style of treatment isn’t just about duration. It’s also about personalized and in-depth treatment. You don’t need just time, you also need attention and you need personalized help. Long term treatment gives you room to explore that without time constraints and with freedom to go slow.

How Long Can I Expect to Stay For Short Term Treatment?

Our short term program is designed to help treat and rehabilitate you within a 28-day period. This means it’s not for everyone. In order to excel in a short term program, you need to be willing to put in work for the jump and have a dedication to overcoming your substance abuse issues, underlying anxieties, and tackling life from a day-to-day standpoint while you work through recovery. This is about getting you back in the world quickly, handling less intensive substance abuse problems. You’ll receive individual and group therapies and come up with action plans to handle life outside treatment.

Your Next Steps

The best thing you can do if you believe you need help is to get in touch with our Denver Treatment Center as soon as possible and we can walk you through your options. Recovery is possible, you simply need the right tools and right framework to help you through this time and into the rest of your life.