Can I Just Walk In to a Rehab Facility?


Seeking help for drug or alcohol addiction is the first step to recovery, but you may not know where to go from here. There are many steps to the rehab check-in process, but any facility has to make this process as easy as possible. Review some of these steps here so you’re prepared to start recovery today.

Get Acquainted with the Facility

Give them a call

The best first step before walking into a rehab facility is to give the office a call first. Some facilities even offer online registration where they’ll collect your information through a short online form and schedule a phone call when it’s convenient for you. This will give you a chance to ask any questions upfront and make sure the services offered are exactly what you need to start your recovery plan.

Decide which options are best for you

Before checking yourself into any rehab facility, it’s essential to choose the right path of recovery for your situation. There are many different options when it comes to treatment plans, so be sure to thoroughly review the facility’s website and plans offered. Talk directly to a representative regarding what you’re going through and they can even make suggestions if needed. Doing thorough research beforehand helps you discover your best options for treatment so that you can get the most out of your rehab experience.

Figure out insurance options beforehand

The last thing you need when planning for recovery is the extra stress of insurance or missed payments. A representative from your rehab facility will be happy to review your insurance plans and coverages with you before checking in. You’ll be able to focus on your path to recovery instead of worrying about expensive payments, late fees, and insurance coverage issues.

About the Intake Process

The reason you can’t just walk into a rehab facility and receive treatment the day of is because of the intake process for most rehabs. This intake process is very common and includes a variety of medical and mental health examinations before treatment. This is the main way rehabs curate your specialized treatment plan and can offer you the best treatment options for your situation. You’ll schedule your intake process shortly after your first phone call or contact with the facility and after your insurance coverage has been determined. After the important step of intake assessment, you’ll be able to start your personalized recovery toward sobriety.

A Local Solution

You’re choosing the best for your journey to sobriety when you choose a local rehab facility that has been serving the Denver area for over 40 years. Stout Street Foundation offers a treatment program designed to treat addiction through a holistic approach. Not only will you receive intensive inpatient services for the physical and mental aspects of your addiction, but the emotional and spiritual ones as well. If you’ve identified substance abuse as a major issue in your life, call our office to start your intake process today.