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sober home
March 20, 2019

Is a Sober Home After Rehab Right for You?

Making the decision to get sober can be hard. Many of us still hold to the idea that we can control our drinking and using. A majority of young people in the rooms these days were strongly encouraged by their parents to get sober, so sometimes it can feel like the decision wasn’t really their … Continued

happy st. patrick's day
March 14, 2019

How to Safely Have Fun on St. Patrick’s Day In Sobriety

It seems like just about every holiday, at least if your an alcoholic or addict, is a perfect excuse to get good and messed up. During our first year of sobriety, they can often become a day where we mourn the past, feel a little squirrelly, and maybe for the first time, miss our family. … Continued

withdrawal symptoms
March 11, 2019

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Kicking the bottle is no easy feat. If you’re drinking has begun to become a problem for you or your loved one, there are two choices to make. You can keep drinking and punishing your own life, liver, and sanity, or you can get the help you need to recover. A normal drinker wouldn’t have … Continued

chronic pain
March 8, 2019

5 Ways to Deal with Chronic Pain in Sobriety

Unfortunately, for many people in sobriety, a lot of us have experienced a whole slew of painful and pretty traumatic experiences due to our drinking and using. Ranging from car accidents to fist fights, to horrible drunken falls and even the emotional scars that leave us with crippling anxiety and depression. It can sometimes feel … Continued

delirium tremens
March 8, 2019

What is Delirium Tremens?

The Diagnosis Delirium Tremens is a medical condition that most commonly occurs in chronic alcoholics. It is not always permanent and can be largely reversed through the aid of medical intervention, but the symptoms can be pretty alarming and if not taken care of professionally, can actually cause serious long term damage. Delirium Tremens, also … Continued

sober supports
March 4, 2019

3 Ways to Make Sober Supports

If there is any one thing in sobriety that will save your butt when everything else fails, it is the sober supports you make in these rooms. If you’re new, the idea of having a whole crowd of sober friends who have sober fun probably seems like the most nauseating thing in the world. Or, … Continued

alcohol and xanax
February 12, 2019

Signs of a Crack Addiction

Most people don’t think they will ever struggle with addiction, especially not a crack addiction. Addiction, in general, isn’t really at the top of people’s “When I grow up I want to be a…” list however, over the last few decades, addiction rates have been continuing to rise, and stimulant use continues to rise with … Continued

Meth addiction
January 26, 2019

What Does Meth Addiction Look Like?

It’s not easy to watch someone you love struggle with addiction, and it is even harder when the drug takes a visible toll on their physical and emotional self. Meth addiction is one of the most troubling addictions to watch, as it turns a once level headed person into someone who can become almost animalistic. … Continued

Long term addiction treatment
January 22, 2019

Who Is Long-Term Drug Treatment Good For?

There is a common phrase among the rooms of twelve step meetings used to describe people who just can’t seem to stay sober, despite their best efforts. Chronic Relapser” is what you will hear people call themselves, when, time after time, they are baffled by how they fall victim to relapse despite experiencing horrible consequences … Continued

women's only treatment
January 11, 2019

3 Benefits of Gender Specific Drug Treatment

It is pretty amazing to think about the developments that have been made for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts and alcoholics over the last 100 years. Even throughout the first few decades of the 1900s, many alcoholics were simply locked away in a straight jacket, deemed hopeless. Today, we have the opportunity to … Continued