8 Awesome Books about Sobriety

I personally find that it is a blessing that we live in a time where we have such a huge network of recovery and sobriety. While yes, in the grand scheme of things, it still seems somewhat of a taboo subject in the overall society because we are such a small number on the overall scale. However, unlike the first hundred members of AA over 80 years ago, we can now walk into a Barnes and Noble and pick up a handful of books about sobriety that are dedicated solely to living a healthy and enriching sober life. These are just a few that I have read and have been recommended to me.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

This goes without saying. This is the book that started them all. Without this step by step textbook, this design for living, it is possible that long-term sobriety would still be a largely unattainable wish for thousands of people who suffer from addiction. This book, the sole purpose of it, is to show the reader that there is a solution to their alcohol problem, and exactly how to find that solution and start a better life. This book about sobriety has helped millions of people relieve themselves of the obsession of alcoholism and addiction.

Dharma Punx

This book is a little bit different, but it is one of my all time favorites. It is the autobiography of a man who suffered from addiction and a… shall we say, very bumpy childhood. He got in with the wrong crowds, started using drugs and alcohol, and soon landed behind bars multiple times. He finally found a spiritual way of life that not only completely changed who he was and how he perceived the world, but it encouraged him to spread this message of hope so that thousands of others could enjoy the peace and serenity that follows a meditative and mindful way of living.

The Language of the Heart

Now back to the AA side, Bill Wilson, Co-founder of AA, wrote this book about 20 years after publishing the Big Book. Language of the Heart is not only a book about sobriety but also encompasses all of the emotional and moral aspects of living a sober life and trudging down the hopefully long road of recovery. In this book, he discusses battling with depression, even after multiple decades of being sober. He also discusses traditions of AA, and how the fellowship and the rooms should be run, and in turn, how the members can use those traditions and principles in their own lives.

A New Pair of Glasses

This book was written by a member of AA named Chuck C. He has become a bit of a legend in the AA community as he was a very well known circuit speaker who truly helped thousands. This book is actually one of Chuck’s speaking engagements that has been transcribed into this influential read, which focuses on the joys of a healthy and slow recovery, and what it means to have long lasting sobriety.

man reading books about sobriety

Scar Tissue

Many people are familiar with this autobiography written by Red Hot Chilli Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis. In this heart-wrenching book about sobriety, he discusses and recounts his own demons and his years’ long struggle with addiction. Since becoming sober, Kiedis has become a well-known figure in the sober community. This book provides a real life view into the depths of addiction, and the possibility of coming out the other side to a healthy and enriched life.

Integral Recovery

This book about sobriety stresses the values and importance of maintaining a holistic and mindful recovery. Not only does this book discuss just why and how addiction takes place, but also how to turn it on its head and learn new tools for living an all around better life, not just without drugs and alcohol, but in all aspects, how to promote ongoing, whole life recovery. As stated in almost all of the previous books, creating an entirely new lifestyle will often be the key to long lasting sobriety, and a healthy one at that. This book helps the reader to find their own holistic path to do so.


This book is a breath of fresh air for women who battle with addiction. It discusses one woman’s descent into alcoholism, all the while commenting on the social idea that drinking is entirely normal, and in fact, encouraged in our society. It discusses the perplexing phenomena that mothers are encouraged and expected to drink but then chastised when it gets out of hand. This book gives an inspirational and insightful view into the reality and the struggle that women who suffer from alcoholism and addiction face in today’s society.

The Four Agreements

While this book is not actually geared towards sobriety, it is a great read for anyone in the program, or anyone just looking to improve their life. Based on ancient Toltec Wisdom, The Four Agreements describe simple tools that any person can use if they want to live their best life. Broken down into the most simple and digestible means to doing so, this book is an essential tool to living a spiritual and moral life. The most valuable aspect of it being that not only does it help the reader to outwardly be a better human to others and the world around them, but to also be a better human to themselves, which is something that people who suffer from addiction struggle with endlessly.

Again, it is so amazing that in this day and age we are able to have access to thousands of pages and books about sobriety to help us in our journey. When at times we can feel isolated and misunderstood, these books, and these people who wrote them, remind us that we are not alone and that we have a way out of the life we used to live. Another one of the great joys that surrounds books about sobriety is when we get to share them with friends and newcomers, and see how deeply they influence and help them.

Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism and Addiction

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