7 Common Excuses Addicts Will Give to Not Get Sober

When someone is completely addicted to a substance, nothing will get in the way. Not only is there an extremely overwhelming psychological urge to use, but there is often physical symptoms of withdrawal. Withdrawal can be so painful that many addicted individuals will go to any length to avoid getting sober. Withdrawal is scary and so is the idea of not having a substance to rely on. Addicts will give a whole array of excuses as to why they can’t get sober yet, or right now, or even ever. The excuses often build and build until a person simply cannot stand being addicted to drugs or alcohol any longer.

If you or a loved one has struggled with addiction, then some of these will probably sound familiar. There seems to be some common excuses people will give to avoid going to rehab or becoming completely abstinent. Unfortunately, it will be hard to convince someone who is addicted that they are in fact an addict, so it is best to try to let them figure it out on their own. If you find that you have been giving these excuses, then perhaps try to seriously consider your true motives.

  1. I can quit any time I want

This is one of the most common excuses among drug users. Sometimes it is true, but many times it is not. Addicts are masters at not only manipulating others, but also lying to themselves. When someone constantly reminds themselves that they can quit any time they want, then it becomes more and more difficult for them to realize when things have gotten out of hand. No matter how bad their situation looks to those around them, addicts have a knack for convincing themselves that everything is OK.

  1. I only use for recreation

As mentioned above, addicts are very good at lying to themselves. Many drug users will try to convince themselves and others that they only use for fun, on weekends, or on special occasions. When drug use becomes daily, the days can seem to blur together. It can be hard to accept the fact that your drug use has become a daily habit. It can also be hard to accept the fact that you cannot function properly without a substance to prevent withdrawal.

  1. I’m too busy

No one is ever too busy to get help for an addiction that will likely save their life. Going to treatment or getting sober will never be convenient. Leaving a job MIGHT be necessary, but not always. Everything will have to be put on hold if you really want to take your life back and get control again.

woman putting her hand up in denial

  1. AA/NA isn’t for me. I’m not religious

This is a common excuse for people who do not have much understanding of recovery or AA. 12 step programs are not religious programs. They are also not the only way to get sober. There are many programs and support networks out there. There is something for everyone because not one way works for everyone. You can certainly find people in recovery with the same views and beliefs as you. There are secular programs just like AA, which provide peer support and daily routines that support healthy recovery.

  1. I’m functional; so everything is OK

People who don’t lose their job or their house almost always use this excuse. They have a misconception that unless they are homeless with nothing, then they are doing fine. Addiction can look different for everyone and rock bottom can be different for everyone. Emotional rock bottoms can even be more painful than material losses. Addiction is also a progressive illness, so it is likely you haven’t lost those things yet. You also could be at the brink of losing a job due to drug use or drinking and not even know it. Often employers will get an idea of what’s going on without you even realizing.

  1. I can’t stop FOREVER

Many people considering getting sober find it extremely daunting and terrifying to think of the idea of never drinking or using drugs for their rest of their life. They often use this fear as an excuse to say they are incapable of getting sober. Looking many years into the future will indeed make getting sober more difficult. That is why many people in recovery tell new-comers to take it a day at a time and focus on the current moment. You really only have to stay sober today. If you do everything in your power to make recovery great right in the moment, then time will fly by. Focusing on permanent sobriety can spook someone right back into a relapse.

  1. I have pets

This can be hard and painful for some, but often times saving your own life will require some sacrifices. Most likely though, someone will be there to take care of your pets if you truly are willing to get help. Pets shouldn’t hold you back from getting the help you desperately need.

Seeking Treatment for Alcoholism and Addiction

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