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The increase in catalytic converter thefts hit home last week when five Stout Street Foundation vehicles were vandalized, and the valuable converters stolen in a matter of minutes. The price of this theft is far more than the cost to replace the converters (which is more than $3,000 each for our vans) – it means that five of our vehicles are completely idle while we wait for the parts to become available.

These vans are critical to the success of the Stout Street Foundation Recovery Community. Every day, these vans provide transportation for the residents in our community who go to work at outside jobs. They are used to ensure residents have access to medical, dental, and legal appointments, job interviews, and our softball league practice and games.

We are disappointed that someone felt desperate enough to steal from a nonprofit, in the middle of a pandemic and opioid epidemic, with overdoses skyrocketing.

Your support to help us replace our catalytic converters will get us back on the road sooner, and help our more than 100 residents in their recovery from substance use disorder. Help us achieve our goal of $20,000 today!

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