• Alton C
    Alton Clark, CAS

    Certified Addiction Specialist

  • Amber K
    Amber King

    Director of Outreach

  • Angela V
    Angela Vizzi, EdD

    Director of Vocational Training

  • Brad L
    Brad Lucero III, CAS

    Chief Operations Officer


  • Carrie P
    Carrie Packard, CNE, CDE

    Director of Development and In-Kind Contributions

  • Charles M
    Charles McGarvy III

    Admissions Manager

  • Chris C
    Christopher Conway, CAS

    Chief Executive Officer/President


  • Dale Algrim
    Dale Algrim

    Board Member


  • Darcy Narans
    Darcy Narans

    Chief Financial Officer

  • David S
    David Selman, CIT

    Logistics Director/Food Service Manager

  • Kenneth
    Dr. Kenneth G. Wilson

    Board Member

  • Eileen Shurmann
    Eileen Shurmann

    Vice Chair


  • Janella M
    Janella Morganflash, CAS

    Program Director

  • Jim Halderman
    Jim Halderman



  • Jolene R
    Jolene Richeal, CAS

    Certified Addiction Specialist

  • Keenan Van de Boogaard
    Keenan Van de Boogaard



  • Mark F
    Mark Fournier, CAS

    Evening Supervisor

  • Placeholder
    Monty Christiansen

    Director of Facility Services

  • Placeholder
    Morris Murray, CAS

    Certified Addiction Specialist

  • Sharol W
    Sharol Wells, CAS

    Vice President of Programs