For more than 45 years, Stout Street Foundation has been providing a better way to a more meaningful life in recovery.

We believe that every person has within them the capacity to change, grow and recover. We know this can be difficult to do on your own, so we are with you every step of the way./

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45 years

Treatment at

Stout Street Foundation

Our treatment programs are specifically designed to treat physical, emotional, spiritual and psychosocial issues. – a holistic approach to recovery. We aim to enhance each person’s intrinsic motivation to change while providing the tools necessary to do so.

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Meet the team

  • Alton C
    Alton Clark, CAS

    Certified Addiction Specialist

  • Andrew L
    Andrew Land, CAT

    PM Counselor

  • Anthony Martineau
    Anthony Martineau

    Partnerships and Events Manager

  • Brad L
    Brad Lucero III, CAS

    Executive Director


  • Brittany Rosales
    Brittany Rosales
  • Caleb Swift
    Caleb Swift

    Serenity Outreach Director

  • Chris C
    Christopher Conway, CAS



  • Curtis
    Curtis Aguino, CIT

    Admissions Manager

  • Dale Algrim
    Dale Algrim

    Board Member


  • Kenneth
    Dr. Kenneth G. Wilson

    Board Member

  • Eileen Shurmann
    Eileen Shurmann

    Vice Chair


  • Janella M
    Janella Morganflash, CAS

    Program Director

  • Jennifer Alm
    Jennifer Alm BS

    PM Counselor

  • Jim Halderman
    Jim Halderman



  • Katie Brydon
    Katie Brydon

    Serenity Clinical Director

  • Keenan Van de Boogaard
    Keenan Van de Boogaard



  • Kyle L2
    Kyle Lopatowski


  • Lee Hotchkiss
    Lee Hotchkiss

    Aftercare Coordinator

  • Mark F
    Mark Fournier, CAS

    Evening Supervisor

  • Michael H
    Michael Harden

    Serenity Family Therapist

  • Monty
    Monty Christiansen

    Auto Clerk / Building Maintenance

  • Placeholder
    Morris Murray, CAS

    Certified Addiction Specialist

  • Quinn Beale
    Quinn Beale

    Logistics Coordinator/ Food Service Manager

  • Rene M
    Rene McQuiller, CAS

    Orientation Overseer

  • Robyn Winters
    Robyn Winters

    Director of Development

  • Sharol Wells
    Sharol Wells, CAS

    President / CEO

  • Stephanie2
    Stephanie Syner

    Board Member

  • Timothy DeWeese
    Timothy DeWeese, CIT
  • Tosha M
    Tosha Mermis, CIT

    Serenity Operations Manager

  • Yolanda Gotier
    Yolanda Gotier


  • Zackaria B
    Zackaria Bengheshir, CAS

    Director of Outreach