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It used to be that addiction was seen as a moral affliction, resulting in people who suffer from substance abuse disorders merely considered to be bad people, weak in will and consciously lacking any self-control. As we learned through decades of research, addiction actually has nothing to do with personal morality and, rather, is a chronic relapsing brain disease. In other words, addiction has similarities to diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer than it does with any sort of disorder pertaining to morality.

In recent years, the rise in opioid use and addiction has brought a lot of attention to the disease of addiction. It’s currently estimated that nearly one in ten American adults is suffering from a substance abuse disorder. Further, only about 11 percent of those individuals are receiving treatment, meaning that the vast majority of individuals who are suffering from addiction aren’t receiving any sort treatment or support that will help them to overcome the disease.

Although addiction affects the entire demographic spectrum, studies have shown that addiction is a greater threat to men than to women. For this reason, addiction treatment that’s specifically for men is quite a valuable and much-needed resource. And at our rehab for men in Colorado, men who suffer from addiction can benefit from a combination of psychotherapy, high-quality treatment, and numerous other resources that will help them to regain their health and sobriety.

What is a Rehab for Men?

Due to the stigma and a lack of accurate information that’s only recently become available, there’s been a lot of stigmatization and a generally poor understanding of addiction as well as recovery. Most people haven’t been appropriately educated about addiction and recovery, causing them to make many assumptions about the disease and how it’s treated. For example, a common assumption that many people make is that recovery only requires thirty days of inpatient treatment, which is all a person needs to be able to achieve stable recovery; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As mentioned above, addiction affects the entire demographic spectrum, and what has made this disease so inherently different to treat is that there’s so much variation in how the disease develops, how it affects individuals, and what those individuals require to overcome their substance abuse problems. Being that men suffer from addiction to alcohol and drugs at a higher rate than women, it’s important to be knowledgeable about the recovery needs of men, which are addressed effectively at our rehab for men in Colorado. In short, our men’s rehab has been designed to offer the treatments and support that have proven to be most effective in addressing the needs most men who suffer from addiction tend to have with regard to addiction recovery.

Treatment Offered at our Mens Rehab in Colorado

As with most addiction treatment programs, the foundation of our men’s rehab in Colorado is psychotherapy and individual counseling. Again, one-on-one counseling — also colloquially called “talk therapy” — serves as the basis of almost every addiction rehabilitation program because it helps patients to better understand the disease of addiction and the recovery process. Specifically, counseling in an addiction treatment program is how patients and therapists work together to identify the environmental and circumstantial factors that led to each patient’s substance abuse problem. Additionally, the therapists work with the patients to develop strategies that will allow the patients to compensate for those contributing factors. Since the factors that contributed to the development of addiction are often risk factors for relapse, it’s important to find ways to alleviate the risk of those contributors so as to effectively minimize each individual’s potential for relapse in the future.

Beyond psychotherapy, group therapy is usually a prominent part of rehabilitation, whether at our rehab for men in Colorado or another type of treatment facility. Typically, group therapies are divided into two groups: psychoeducational and interpersonal process groups. With the former, the focus is on addiction and recovery education, helping patients to learn more about the disease of addiction and how their recovery journeys will unfold. Meanwhile, interpersonal process groups are usually focused on things like honing socialization and relationship skills, developing various life skills for self-sufficiency, and learning relapse-prevention skills such as stress management.

Our rehab for men in Colorado also incorporates certain complementary and alternative therapies that have proven to be particularly effective in helping men achieve lasting sobriety. In many cases, the complementary therapies offered are holistic treatments, meaning that they’re more comprehensive forms of treatment that focus on addressing the body, mind, and spirit. Some common examples of holistic therapies often offered at a men’s rehab include acupuncture, massage therapy, music therapy, adventure therapy, and numerous others.

Does a Men’s Rehab Really Work?

Addiction is a very complex disease and, likewise, rehabilitation is a complicated process. However, it tends to be that those who are willing to dedicate the time and effort are those who achieve the greatest success in recovery.

Whether or not a person experiences success in recovery is largely dependent on how individualized his or her treatment was. The idea behind customizable treatment is to ensure that a person’s recovery needs are met. If a program isn’t tailored to the patient’s specific needs, he or she will return home with numerous “blind spots” in his or her recovery, meaning that he or she is significantly more likely to relapse and require another round of treatment. But when a program consists of treatments that have been chosen according to which treatments best correspond to the individual’s situation and needs, the patient has exponentially better chances of thriving in recovery.

With regard to our men’s rehab in Colorado, the focus on treatment for men is certainly a benefit for men who suffer from addiction. Men have numerous behavioral and even biological differences from women, which is why it’s not realistic or effective for men and women to be treated in the exact same way. For men who suffer from addiction, there’s often a need to learn more effective methods of expressing thoughts and feelings, especially since men are often encouraged to suppress their emotions as a result of culturally-imposed gender roles. Additionally, men are statistically more like to exhibit reckless and self-destructive patterns of behavior, so a men’s rehab frequently focuses on augmenting these behaviors so that the patients can be safer, healthier individuals in recovery.

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