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Heroin has been a frequent topic of news reports and media coverage because of the exceedingly high rate at which people have been abusing and becoming addicted to this drug. In fact, the term “epidemic” is often used because there are many, many American adults suffering from heroin addiction today. Fortunately, our Colorado heroin rehab is available to those in need, providing them with the resources that are needed to achieve lasting sobriety.

Whether you’re looking into treatment options for yourself or a loved one, our heroin rehab in Colorado can address any and all recovery needs. With heroin being arguably the most problematic of all mind-altering substances today, the following information will help you better understand what heroin rehab is, which treatments are offered as part of our Colorado heroin rehab, and why heroin rehab is so effective for recovery.

What is a Heroin Rehab?

Much like the development of addiction, overcoming an addiction to heroin doesn’t happen overnight. Further, heroin addiction rehab can be broken into a series of distinct yet complementary stages. Furthermore, not every individual who overcomes an addiction to heroin does so in the same way as every person has his or her own unique environment, circumstances, and situational factors. And while there are actually a variety of different ways to overcome heroin addiction, those who seek treatment at our Colorado heroin rehab will usually begin with detoxification before proceeding into the actual treatment phase of recovery.

The first step — detoxification — is important because it’s focused on addressing the physical components of the addiction. While heroin addiction affects almost every aspect of self, from physical health and physiology to psychology to his or her relationships and one’s sense of spiritual fulfillment, it’s essential to address the physiological aspects of heroin addiction as the first step of recovery. By doing so, the individual won’t be trying to deal with withdrawal symptoms while participating in counseling at the same time.

After detoxing, patients will move into the next phase of heroin addiction rehab, which is to participate in psychotherapy, counseling, group therapy, and other types of treatment. At our Colorado heroin rehab, the ultimate goal is to help patients uncover the root causes of their heroin addictions and to prime them for being able to mitigate those causes, achieve sobriety, and maintain newfound sobriety for the long-term.

Treatments Offered at our Colorado Heroin Rehab

As mentioned above, our Colorado heroin rehab can be broken into a couple of essential stages, which are detoxification and actual treatment. For a patient who suffers from heroin addiction, the detoxification stage usually lasts for approximately three to five days; however, in instances where the heroin addiction is particularly severe, it’s not uncommon for individuals to need as much as a week to completely detox. Throughout this process, the patient is able to simply relax while benefiting from having a team of detox technicians to observe him or her, thereby ensuring the patient’s comfort and safety during the detoxification stage. It’s also important to be aware that the length of detoxification treatment is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on such factors as the length of time spent in active heroin addiction, the severity of one’s daily heroin habit, and whether an individual has had prior unsuccessful attempts at treatment and sobriety.

Many people are unaware that addiction recovery — which is classified as a journey from chemical dependency to a state of independence from mind-altering substances — might entail the aid of certain medications as part of the recovery process. With heroin detoxification in particular, a patient may receive mild benzodiazepines or muscle relaxants in order to alleviate some of the severity of his or her withdrawal symptoms. In short, these medications are meant to provide a level of comfort during detoxification. Similarly, methadone and Suboxone might be used to slowly wean an individual off opioids rather than having him or her cease using heroin abruptly. It’s also possible that a patient might require sleep aids, sedatives, or hypnotics during detoxification; since it’s important for patients to get a good night’s rest during recovery, these medications can be useful when a patient is having trouble sleeping.

What Happens During Treatment for Heroin Addiction?

The actual treatment phase of our Colorado heroin rehab consists of a foundation of psychotherapy and counseling as well as group therapy and a combination of complementary, alternative, and supplemental treatment methods. Of course, psychotherapy and counseling — often referred to colloquially as simply “talk therapy” — are employed to help patients learn what caused them to become addicted to heroin and to develop strategies for mitigating the circumstantial and environmental contributors to their heroin addictions. In other words, counseling allows them to prepare themselves for the return home by teaching them ways of overcoming the environmental factors that may have led to the development of their heroin addictions, thereby minimizing the potential for relapse.

Additionally, group therapy has strong associations with heroin rehab and other forms of addiction treatment. Usually, these are psychoeducational and interpersonal process groups that are meant to be a resource for learning more about addiction and recovery, developing or re-learning relationship-building and social skills, acquiring valuable life skills that might have been lost over the course of addiction, and also with general relapse prevention.

In terms of the complementary therapies that are often included as part of our heroin rehab in Colorado, many of them are holistic, meaning that they’re derived from holism. As you’re probably aware, holism is a medicinal practice that addresses a patient’s bodily, mental, and spiritual needs rather than focusing solely on physical or medicinal treatment. Some of the most common and frequently utilized holistic therapies at our heroin rehab include acupuncture, biofeedback therapy, massage therapy, adventure or wilderness therapy, art therapy, equine therapy, and numerous others.

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