Signs of Meth Addiction

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Signs of Meth Addiction

Over the last several years, meth abuse and addiction have become more and more prevalent. Many more people come into inpatient treatment for Meth these days. Meth is easily one of the most addictive

chronic relapser

What is a Chronic Relapser?

It is a deeply rooted aspect of the human condition to be our own worst critics. When we are just out of inpatient treatment and in early recovery, these voices can often get louder than before. The v

crack addiction

Signs of Crack Addiction

One of the scariest facts about addiction is that it can happen to anyone. As a child, no one dreams that one day, when they grow up, they will be stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction, and especial

The Key Differences Between Opiates and Opioids

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about U.S. cities suing Big Pharma companies for the damages done by opioids around the country. With the explosion of the epidemic several years ago,

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