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Signs of Meth Addiction

Over the last several years, meth abuse and addiction have become more and more prevalent. Many more people come into inpatient treatment for Meth these days. Meth is easily one of the most addictive

Medicaid Expanding to Cover Inpatient Treatment

Over the last five years, thousands of Colorado residents have died at the hands of overdose. For those on the outside looking in, receiving help and going to treatment seems like a fairly easy proces

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Managing Stress in Sobriety

The best thing about getting sober is that you get to live life again. For many of us, we get to actually experience many opportunities that we never really could during our use. Holding down a job, m

First step

What Exactly does the First Step Mean?

There is only one step that you need to do perfectly every day, and that is the first step. Have you met someone in the rooms that still aren’t convinced they are powerless over their addiction? Hav

Everything Great Starts With A First Step. Let Serenity Help You!