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What is the difference between detox and rehab?

The process of finding a detox and rehab program can be a confusing one. There are many new terms to learn and you might feel overloaded by all the information out there.  If you’re starting your r

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What do Rehab Centers Do?

If you’re considering drug and alcohol rehab, you’ve probably asked the question, “what do rehab centers actually do?”. The primary function of a rehab center is to provide a safe and healing


3 Ways to Help Stop a Drug Addiction

Focus on Change The first step in a drug addiction recovery plan is to be open to change. This means admitting you have a problem, admitting that you need to do something about your behaviors. The tou

Denver Rehab

What is Rehab and How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever wondered what rehab is like, or how it works, this article will answer those questions and more. You’ll learn all about the different aspects of rehab that are designed to help you

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