chronic relapser

What is a Chronic Relapser?

It is a deeply rooted aspect of the human condition to be our own worst critics. When we are just out of inpatient treatment and in early recovery, these voices can often get louder than before. The v

early recovery relationship

Why Early Recovery Relationships are Dangerous

No matter how many times we hear it from our sponsors, from the techs and therapists in inpatient treatment, and from the old-timers in meetings, most of us will still experiment with touching the hot

crack addiction

Signs of Crack Addiction

One of the scariest facts about addiction is that it can happen to anyone. As a child, no one dreams that one day, when they grow up, they will be stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction, and especial

Support Meetings

Support Meetings for Family and Spouse

When someone struggling with addiction or alcoholism makes the decision to enter inpatient treatment and recover, it can be a huge relief for everyone who loves them. Everyone prays that the individua

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