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Vocational Rehab

Our vocational program exists because of our partnerships in the community. Stout Street Foundation employs each resident in the program. Everyone has a job. Some jobs are on foundation helping with the day to day administration and operations and some are off site at companies that have partnered with us. Upon entering the program we assess each residents’ training and job skills. We then do our best to place them in a roll where they can learn and develop new skills or further hone skills that they already possess.

Employment is a huge part of the treatment that we do here. It gives residents purpose and an opportunity to feel useful. They are going to work every day. They are once again responsible for their livelihoods. This responsibility helps rebuild their sense of self.

The companies that we partner with a very aware that the residents that they employ through us are going through the program. Each contract that we have with our partner companies lists out Stout Street Foundation’s rules and guidelines. They partner with us to help the treatment process and to give our residents another chance to get back on their feet and be a productive member of the community.

Why Vocational Rehab in Colorado?

Some residents have never held a job. Some may have less than steady work history. Some have held high level positions and have great education and skill sets. We find a fit for everyone. Stout Street Foundation requires that everyone who moves to the aftercare portion of our program has obtained gainful employment and will be able to sustain long-term recovery with it. The final six weeks of the first-phase of our program allows residents to do their own job search. We provide a computer lab and resources to effectively help guide them in their search. We’ll help residents build resumes, fill out applications, and make referrals as they learn how to market themselves again.

The many benefits of our Vocational Training Program are a valuable portion of the life skills that you or your loved one will obtain through our program.

If you or someone you know may be interested in employing our residents please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our residents are taken to and from work every day. They show up every day clean and sober and with a positive attitude and ready to work.